OTHER EXHIBITIONS of Argillà Italia 2014

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Drops of Argillà
A 30-hours exhibition in which the ceramists of Argillà summarize their own artistic production by choosing and showing only one piece, representative of their style.

In new section of MIC International Museum of Ceramics, dedicated to Contemporary European Ceramics, the works of artists from United Kingdom have been highlighted.

Ceramics of Hohr-Grenzhausen in Faenza
An exhibition at MIC International Museum of Ceramics with works of ceramists working in the German city of Höhr-Grenzhausen, curated by Monika Gass, director of WesterWald KeramikMuseum of Höhr-Grenzhausen, and Claudia Casali, Director of MIC.

Gmunden Ceramics Symposium
The travelling exhibition of the works created during the Symposium arrives in Faenza during Argillà Italia, after having travelled all around Europe, with the pieces of 12 European artists who have worked for five weeks in 2013 in the WERKSTATT atelier of the Gmunder Keramik Factory.

A monumental ceramic installation by the masters Alessio Tasca and Lee Babel, set up in the Foyer of Masini Theatre.

Artifex - The matter of time
An exhibition by Ana Cecilia Hillar (ceramist) and Marco De Luca (mosaic artist) in which mosaic art meets ceramic art, creating an original and fascinating combination.

Hand and Terracotta - Milano Makers
This exhibition by Milano Makers, curated by Maria Christina Hamel, presents a series of works in terracotta, realized by artists and designers in a project that is aimed to enhance non-serial production and independent designers.

Kindness of Faenza
A tribute of (and for) Enrico Stropparo
An exhibition celebrating the traditions of two great Italian Ceramic cities, Nove and Faenza, in which the ceramist Enrico Stropparo tries to renovate the ancient forms, giving them a contemporary vision with the audio-visual suggestions of the filmmaker Barbara Beltramello.

Torgiano Experience - Olive needs Clay
An exhibition with the works realized during the workshop in Torgiano (Umbria, Italy), held by the masters Alfredo Gioventù, Mirco Denicolò and Antonella Ravagli, in which contemporary oil jugs in ceramic have been designed and created.

A gallery of 154 ceramic characters, representing 27 not-traditional contemporary families: a sociological mirror of reality made by the Italian artist Sarah Revoltella.

Lady Ceramica
A project that showcases the works of twenty-two Italian female ceramists, who have worked and work in the field of ceramics, comparing styles, themes and generations; Anty Pansera curates the event in collaboration with Viola Emaldi and with the coordination of Mariateresa Chirico.

Cover Story 25/35
The Municipal Art Gallery of Faenza hosts the exhibition Cover Story 25/35, with the ceramic artworks published on the covers of the magazines D'A and La Ceramica Moderna & Antica, on the occasion, respectively, of the 25th and 35th anniversary of publication.

The graphic sign of Graziano Pompili
An exhibition dedicated to Graziano Pompili’s work, with a ceramic installation and an unreleased series of engravings.

An exhibition with the last ceramic works produced by Goffredo Gaeta, the internationally renowned master from Faenza.

A silence adorned by bells
Artist Mirco Denicolò presents an exhibition with unreleased ceramic artworks and watercolours, curated by Viola Emaldi.

Open Pancino - Open studio
Ceramist Fiorenza Pancino opens her new studio to the public, presenting an unreleased work called “Constellation”: an installation with majolica, iron and cotton (with the participation of the artist Andrea Kotliarsky). Inside the atelier, a ceramic artwork by Lorenzo Cianchi is showcased too.

Tramonti in Centro
A selection of ceramic artworks realized by the master from Faenza Guerrino Tramonti (1915-1992), coming from the Tramonti Museum in Faenza.

If I were shiny
Installation by Silvia Celeste Calcagno
An installation with ceramics and video by artist Silvia Celeste Calcagno, curated by Nicoletta Negro.

Artists in residence - Poland 2014
Ceramic pieces, sketches, photos and videos by artists Luce Raggi and Yuri Ragazzini, who participated in the 50th Symposium of Ceramic and Sculpture of Boleslawiec, within the European project ARGINET.

Fuori gazebo - Gino's students
Geminiani Ceramic Workshop hosts a selection of ceramic works by Gino Geminiani's students: Laura Rebagliati, Maria Passeri, Pinuccia Zaini, Nicola Abelli.

The ceramist Gianfranco Morini ("il Moro") presents old and new pieces, all characterized by his love for paradoxical provocation and irony, making fun with his own works.

Majolicas of the Image and the Imaginary
Atelier Ceramiche Artistiche Marianna Bacchini presents two exhibitions: Incredible Books by Luciano Sangiorgi, a collection of ceramic books with unique pieces of different dimensions, all of them born thanks to dreams and nightmares, and Devotional Plaques, with the traditional 16th century religious majolicas of Faenza realized by Morena Moretti.

Bla Bla design workshop
A new lexicon for the ceramics of Castelli (Teramo, Italy)
The exhibition shows the results created in the workshop, held in September 2013, in the artistic school "Liceo Artistico per il Design" of Castelli (Teramo). The works showcased have been created by students and designer from the Abruzzo region, with the participation of the master Paolo Ulian.

Sculptures of the Earth
An itinerant exhibition curated by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco, with the works of about 60 artists and ceramists who had the opportunity to create a piece related to the main theme of pumpkin.

Mis Chicas
Ricardo Escobar, Colombian student of ITS “Tonito Emiliani” in Faenza (a course for the planning and prototyping of ceramic object), showcases several ceramic artworks realized during the internship at Bottega Gatti Faenza.




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